Licensing & Insurance

  • Hainen Design Build and all of our subcontractors are fully insured.
  • Michigan HDB 2120130129
  • Florida HDB CGC1517591

2|42 Members

If you are a regular member of 2|42 Community Church, we will reduce our labor rates 20%. You will be expected to give a percentage of the 20% back to 2|42. You are on an honor system. The Lord is watching.

Old Folks

You have put your time in on this earth and deserve a break — that is, unless you are able to pay standard rates. If you are on a fixed income we will do our best to work with what you can afford.

Financially Disadvantaged Folks

For the people who are financially disadvantaged, I will make calls on your behalf to get qualified people that you can pay directly. I know a lot of people that may come over and do the work independently.